May 2020

Epic Eggs in Greeley Open for Dine-in!

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As of May 27 we are open for dine-in service in our Greeley locations!  Along with everyone, we are concerned about the health of our customers as well as staff and we intend to provide a safe dining environment.  We have adopted several new sanitation methods as well as employee and customer health checks and we will continue to maintain all local health department standards.  As of today, May 29, we are offering our full menu and are attempting to update all social media.   Thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding during these difficult times.  We look forward to serving you!

Epic Egg Cheyenne is OPEN!

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We are very excited to re-open Epic Egg in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  We are diligently following all the required health guidelines to insure a safe environment for our customers and staff.  If you are not ready to get out in public we will be offering our full menu TOGO and/or Curb Side pick up.

The Cheyenne location is located 2300 Carey Ave. about 1/2 block from the capitol building.  Feel free to call us at 307-632-1002 or email us at


April 2020

Opening Date

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To open or not to open, that is the question.  While the experts weigh all their information, we restauranteurs are left waiting for someone to give us the go ahead.  The COVID19  shutdown has been devastating for many industries including the restaurant business.  Although we are trying to eek it out with TOGO and curbside pick up, the reality is that sit down, table service establishments are dependent on people gathering.  Obviously we will not be able to continue to exist on 80-95% decline in sales and hope we can hang in there until things get back to normal.  We are taking advantage of the PPP loans which is helping, but this will soon be exhausted.   There are other financial option we are pursuing.
We can’t wait to open and hope community confidence will be strong.  With all that said, we will plan to reopen for dine-in service as soon as Governors and Mayors says it is safe.

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us during the shutdown. See you soon!

Divine Dinnerz – the secret to delicious meatloaf

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Everyone makes their meatloaf.  Most recipes come from family tradition, Betty Crocker, or the latest Tasty post.  Let’s face it meatloaf is part of our traditional meal plan, but what separates the same old loaf from something delicious that makes your family asking for more?  My meatloaf journey started 20 years ago when I had the opportunity to stay at home with my kids and focus on making an amazing home.  At that time my meatloaf was pretty good, but let’s just say the family wasn’t jumping up and down for the next production date.  Finally, I came across a Cook’s Magazine recipe/article,, which taught me the importance of a few crucial ingredients and procedures that make all the difference in a meatloaf.  If you’re not familiar with Cook’s, they are a group of chefs, nutritionists and chemists who perfect the art of the epicurean experience.  I highly recommend everyone pick up a copy of the current Cook’s Magazine and begin the journey of becoming a foodie. The main secret in the most amazing meatloaf you will ever taste is blending your meat choices.  I like to use 80/20 and 90/10 USDA ground chuck mixed together which helps the loaf to develop a full flavor as well as a firm, moist texture.  To elevate I’ll add bison or veal.  This is one of many ingredients and procedures that will have your family raving, “this meatloaf is Divine!”

Divine Dinnerz sells my amazing meatloaf.  I hope you’ll give it a try, and feedback is always welcomed.

Let’s Bring Dinner Back To The Table


Covid 19 Concerns

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We are beginning to hear the whispers that the Stay At Home orders will be lifted and as a result we are beginning to prepare at Epic Egg.  In addition to meeting all the local Health Department operating requirements and regulations, we are taking this time to thoroughly clean and sanitize each Epic Egg location.  We are adopting CDC guidelines and will continue to be careful to protect our customers and employees.  If at any time you observe any issues of concern, please bring them to our attention immediately.

We are looking forward to opening up again and hope this crisis will be over soon.

Announcing Divine Dinnerz

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Divine Dinnerz has been Christy’s vision since before we met in 2015. Being busy with Egg & I operations and then rebranding to Epic Egg, Divine Dinnerz was placed on the back burner. Christy’s desire is to “bring dinner back to the table” and provide delicious homemade top quality meals.  This coronavirus shutdown is the perfect opportunity to roll out some Divine Dinnerz options.  At this time we are offering meal that serve up to six for $35.  We will soon add smaller portions that serve up to four for $20.  All Divine Dinner meals are made with quality ingredients and no added preservatives.   Please follow Divine Dinnerz Facebook page for the latest updates.  There is also a Divine Dinnerz link on the Epic Egg website.